Our Mission

Customer Satisfaction!

Our business comes from mostly referrals. It's the best advertising medium in business. We know the importance of trust in the auto repair world and we also know that trust is earned. We only ask for the chance to earn your trust

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Meet The Owner

meet the owner
BB&Z Auto was founded by Robert & Brian Schumeyer.

As a child, Brian spent his days rebuilding his cars. It was during this time that Brian learned the value of every automobile and learned how the right care and knowledge could extend the life and performance of any car or truck.

When Brian graduated high school he decided to work for BMW . This is where he learned how to use computer based diagnostic tools to enhance his deep knowledge of automobile engines. Although Brian was learning the most advanced techniques in auto repair, he never forgot the lessons he learned from his father as a child growing up. Brian was determined to open a business that would truly offer value to the community. He promised himself to always provide value and outstanding service, regardless of how large his business grew. He always knew that in the automotive industry honesty would set the difference between him and other businesses.